Example new framing



Proberty advice on your premises

Often, art lovers wonder whether an object that they consider interesting fits into their already carefully furnished home environment.

If this is the case for you, we offer you a free and non-binding consultancy, in which we come to your home and provide you with a competent advise on how to present the object best.



We are also the right partner for you if you do not have any concrete ideas or visions of how to embellish your living, practice and office spaces with individual artworks.

We are there to help you to beautify your life with art.



If you want to clarify the origin, authenticity and value of a painting, please do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation.

Image Restoration

By improper storage, damage due to mishaps or even the age of the painting, images can be very different from the original.

Therefore,  we offer restoration of painting on canvas , wood, metal and other image carriers.

Jewellery Repair

We repair old and new jewellery.

At our goldsmith we guarantee a masterpiece of craftsmanship, so your jewel is with us in the best hands.


We frame literally anything...

.. regardless of whether you give us a painting, a watercolour, a photograph, a drawing, a three dimensional object or even your old favourite sweater:

choosing from a variety of more than 600 different frame patterns and using our experience we provide you with a non-binding offer for a suitable frame.

If you are looking for something even more exclusive, we can even offer you handmade gold leaf frames!

Step 1:
threefold base coating of the untreated batten

Step 2:
threefold application of brown poliment

Step 3:
the genuine gold leaf is applied and polished

Step 4
the gold leaf is gradually abraded to make the poliment partially visible again

Step 5:
black colour is applied to the gold leaf

Step 6:
now a pattern is created by etching, which will be subsequently varnished

Step 7:
in the final step the frame is patinated, abraded and polished