Frederik Nachtweh

Frederik Nachtweh

Born: 1857 in Deventer (NL)

Died: 1941 in Rotterdam (NL)


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1878 Studies at the drawing school Deventer (NL) with Prof. Jan Striening (1827-1903)
1878 1884 Studies at the Amsterdam Rijksakademie with August Allebé (1838-1927) und Prof. Barend Wijnveld dem Jüngeren (1820-1902)
Professor at the akademy of arts in Rotterdam (NL)


1883-1905 various exhibitions in Amsterdam and Rotterdam (NL)
Spielende Kinder mit Pferd

Spielende Kinder mit Pferd

Frederik Nachtweh

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Price: € 900,-

Size: 20.5 x 26.9 inches

Type: oil on canvas