Presentation and reading from the book "Lonely Christmas".

On Tuesday, 12 December 2017 at 07:00 pm

Poems by Rose Ausländer, Hans Bender and Immanuel Weißglas.

(Bukoviner literary landscape volume 78).

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Detering (President of the German Academy of Language and Poetry)

and dr. Bernhard Albers (publisher of the Rimbaud publishing house) presents the above anthology in a joint conversation.

After World War II, Rose Ausländer (1901-1988), who had been expelled from Bukovina, went to New York and Immanuel Weißglas (1920-1979) to Bucharest. Strange that both wrote Christmas poems despite their Jewish fate. Rose Ausländer in English and white glass in German, although he has never stayed in Germany himself. This raises the question of the character of these poems.

Hans Bender (1919-2015), the later co-editor of Akzente, wrote his Christmas poem in Soviet captivity, in a labor camp, which he could not leave until 1949.


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