Oliver Czarnetta | Zur Zeit ...

Exhibition: 21 - 29 September

With the upcoming exhibition "Zur Zeit ..." Oliver Czarnetta invites you to reflect on a topic that poses the challenge of visual art to depict something that even in words can only be expressed abstractly.

His approaches testify to creativity and the gift of penetrating things deeply. As a freelance artist and PHD art historian and philosopher, Czarnetta brings with him the best theoretical foundations.

The guiding questions are those that refer to traditional ideas: Is time really in a constant flow? Does it progress forever? And independent of everything else?

Objects that prompt the viewer to engage in activity and, for example, have to be walked around in space, urge critical examination. Is it perhaps we ourselves who move and time that stands still? For the viewer, a new dimension of experiencing time emerges.

In addition to the typical synthetic resin works, so-called Schauschubkästen as well as bronze and concrete object are shown. Especially the material concrete, which first presents itself liquid and then solid during processing, offers the artist numerous possibilities. Time can suddenly be regulated/"stopped" and the abstract concept can be visualized in its properties.

For the exhibition, the artist, who was born in Birkesdorf/Düren and now lives in Aachen, even used firearms and, with his projectile channels, takes up what one might call a modern vanitas symbol.

The exhibition "OLIVER CZARNETTA | Zur Zeit ..." runs from 21 to 29 September as part of the SeptemberSpecial and the Aachener Kunstroute.


We are looking forward to your visit to the Vernissage on Friday, 20 September 2019, from 7 p. m. The artist will be present.

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