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Rare drawing with poetry volume - new arrival

A special object - not only for young collectors!

Already 2018 we arranged several works by Max Uhlig. This summer we are proud to offer you a very special drawing.

"Ut poesis pictura" - and not vice versa - is the motto in this case.

Together with the Düsseldorf poet Francisco Tanzer, Max Uhlig published in 1999 a limited book of poems named "Zeichen und Zeilen" (Rimbaud Verlag Aachen).

With 23 drawings, Uhlig makes reference to concrete poetic works by Tanzer.

The poem-line "Ask whether outside and inside are in agreement" inspired Uhlig to create this expressive fat coal drawing.

The framed original drawing is offered including an edition of the out-of-print volume of "Zeichen und Zeilen" (signed by Francisco Tanzer and Max Uhlig).


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